JohnCustom MUSIC TRACKs 30 #371


早速、「JohnCustom MUSIC TRACKS 30」です。

Good Morning, Everybody.

Im staying in Sendai-City, Miyagi Pref.

Welcome back again to JohnCustom MUSIC TRACKs 30.

This is original weekly music ranking chart that Im showing in my blog on the web, Since January, 2010.

From now, I will show you the ranking, More than 30 songs were included, All from heard and listened for a week.

Lets check out the most heardest over 30 tunes for the week of February 4th, 2017... on JohnCustom MUSIC TRACKs 30 !






















→ 1回+3回+6回

= 10回


→ 3pt×1回+2pt×3回+1pt×6回

= 15pt


→ 15pt×10回

= 150





This is the original music ranking, This chart is based on The counts that I heard the music and The media who was listened to me for one week.

This ranking is arranged in turn with many points calculated by the media or counts.

Incidentally, the No.1 song of week ranking means Most listenning music for one week.

When troubled, Please refer to what music from now on will be listened to.

*** The method of the correct ***

(*) If I heard famous part of the music( Im calling that Sa-bi. ) 3 seconds or more, then It add the counts.

(*) The heard medias and a points ***

Movies --- 3points

Radio --- 2points

Others --- 1point

(Example: the shop into which radio is flowing)

It is heard from radio, They are 2 points in this case.

(Example: Broadcast BGM of a fast food)

It becomes others( Because I dont know Where madia is put out the BGM ), It is 1 point in this case.

(*) Close at 0:00 a.m. on Saturday ( in Japan Standard Time ) every week.

(*) These are corrected to make the ranking.

And, These are ranking is given to turn with grand total points.

Grand total points = Listenning counts x Total Points

*** Example ***

One weeks :

6 times by others, 3 times by radios, 1 time by movies

Total : 10 times

(*) Points

3pts x 1 + 2pts x 3 + 1pt x 6

= 15pt

(*) Grand total point

15pts x 10 times

= 150

(*) If I dont know the Song-title or singing-Artist, then I correct the counts only.

(*) If It have to mistaken that the song title or the artist name After it turned out, then I add 3 counts of movies.

This action means Im sorry have to mistaken that the song title or the artist name. .






Im sorry for the late update...

So I think that I probably made yours worry... Im sorry for that.

Im having the ranking for 8 weeks, But I must upload it...

This is the ranking for February 4th.

Weekly Chart

Date : 2017.2.4

( 6+2+1 Weeks at No.1 ! )

【1】 恋 / 星野源

*** New-Record : Total 9 weeks at No.1 ***

*** Record : 19 weeks on Top30 Chart ***


【3】 明日も / SHISHAMO

★ HOT PICK ( This Weeks Highest Entry Tune )

【1】 恋 / 星野源

★ POWER PUSH ( This Weeks Most Rank-up Tune )

【6タイ】 A.G.I.T. / SUCHMOS